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Caring Well Ministry

What is Caring Well Ministry?

Mission Statement: Caring Well Ministry of Mansfield Baptist Church will lead the church to be a safe place for hurting, broken people to find help and support by pointing those who have been abused to healing in Christ and to resources that can begin the healing process.

How will the church accomplish this mission?

Mansfield Baptist Church will provide avenues for those who are being abused or have been abused to communicate their experiences and receive love, support, acceptance and resources to help the healing process. Since we are not trained or licensed to provide counseling, legal advice, or other forms of help, our goal is to point people to the spiritual and practical help they need and walk with them as they seek that help.

What are those avenues of communication?

Those who have been abused or are being abused can reveal their experiences to the Caring Well Ministry team in one of the following ways:

1. Communicate directly with a Caring Well Ministry team member. (Currently, the team members are Lisa Perkins (Team Leader), Margo Gentry, Sally Heard, Rick Caseres, and Jeff Perkins, Pastor.)

2. Send an email to caringwell@mbclife.org which will go directly to Lisa Perkins, Caring Well Ministry Team Leader.

3. Respond to a form on the Mansfield Baptist Church website Caring Well Ministry page. That information will go directly to Lisa Perkins, Caring Well Ministry Team Leader.

What will happen after someone communicates with the Caring Well Ministry Team?

1. If the person communicating an abuse situation is a minor or an elderly person being abused, the Caring Well Ministry Team must, by law, report the ongoing or previous abuse to the proper authorities which may include the Department of Family and Children Services (DFACS), the Newton County Sheriff Department, or the local authorities where the abuse has occurred. 

2. If the person is not a minor or abused elderly person, reporting will be done in the manner and at the time where the abused person feels comfortable reporting. Abused adults have already had their power taken from them during the abuse, the Caring Well Ministry Team has learned that forcing the abused person to report continues to strip them of their own control of the situation. The Caring Well Ministry Team will walk with them through the process when they are ready to report the abuse and will help them move toward healing even before the abuse is reported.

3. The Caring Well Ministry Team will provide contacts to resources that may be helpful to the abused person which may include but are not necessarily limited to legal representation and professional Christian counseling. Though Mansfield Baptist Church may not be able to pay for all of the necessary resources, the Church will be as helpful as possible by providing available benevolence funds.

4. The Caring Well Ministry Team will provide a Caring Well Partner to walk alongside the abused person to offer support through listening to, praying for, and being a personal point of contact for the abused person.


Overall, the Caring Well Ministry Team wants to create an atmosphere where those who have been or are being abused will experience the love of Christ by finding the following:

  • A safe haven to talk about and/or report the abuse.
  • A listening ear.
  • Confidentiality (unless mandatory reporting issues are involved).
  • Non-judgmental and receptive interaction.
  • Approachable people who genuinely care for the person.
  • Support and compassion through the entire journey of seeking healing and help while navigating the process of disclosing past or ongoing abuse.